Cincoze's Partner Contradata Embedded Roadshow 2016 (June 8th and 9th) Milano
Milano and Modena will be the next stops for the event that will introduce the latest innovations in the field of Embedded Solutions, Internet-of-Things and Industrial Computing applications. Spotlights are on Intel® Corporation and NXP Semiconductors as special guests of the event.

Monza, april 2016 – Contradata S.r.l., since almost 40 years a leading company in the field of embedded solutions and industrial computers, will keep in June its own event, the “Embedded Roadshow 2016”, to introduce to the market the present and the future of Embedded Solutions, Internet-of-Things and Industrial computing applications.
The Roadshow will be kept in two locations: June 8th at the Novotel Milano Linate and June 9th at the Una Hotel in Modena. The event will highlight the latest technologies developed by the most important partners of Contradata: Congatec, iEi integration, TQ, ICOP, Innodisk, Cincoze, Egicon, and Home2Net. There will be as well speeches from Contradata OEM customers about their applications based on Contradata solutions.

This event will be based on a very technical background with an outlook to the future solutions and it addresses to professional engineers in the field of development and manufacturing of industrial computer-based systems. As special guests of the event, Intel Corporation and NXP Semiconductors, will keep two speeches about the latest developments in the field of x86 and ARM processors. Due to the confidential level of the presentations, participants will be required to sign an NDA (Non-Disclosure-Agreement) to attend the speeches.

The roadshow will accomodate a maximum of 60 people per location. It’s recommended for the participants to register as soon as possible to secure a place at the event. All the participants will receive a copy of the presentations via USB drive. For the event registration, official program and logistic details we kindly invite you to visit the following page in the event area on our website:

Contradata Milano S.r.l. Founded in 1978, Contradata is today one of the leading Italian companies in the distribution of electronics with a leading position in the industrial PC and embedded solutions segment. The product range, accompanied by extensive pre and post-sale consultancy, is aimed at the most demanding sectors by integrating product distribution with a wide range of value-added services, right up to the supply of fully customized solutions. The products distributed are subjected to a strict series of incoming and outgoing inspections at our company headquarters in Monza, with particular attention taken - as far as the part involving the systems is concerned - to the assembly phase, operating systems integration and testing. Distribution partnerships with leading global manufacturers in the IPC and the Embedded fields mean the market can be entered with competitive stable and reliable solutions.

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