Cincoze Enters US Market With Rugged Industrial Computers and Innovative Panel PCs

Taipei, Taiwan (December 8, 2014)- Emerging IPC company, Cincoze is bringing their fresh take on rugged, high-performance computer hardware to the US and Canadian markets with the launch of their new North American branch. Cincoze has developed an expansive line of innovative industrial computers, including a selection of unique, highly-modular panel PCs.

The initial Cincoze product launch represents more than two years of design and development by Cincoze in creating systems specifically tailored to the needs of modern embedded applications.

“We’re thrilled to introduce Cincoze to the North American market,” said Cincoze CEO Brandon Chien. “We began Cincoze to power innovation through quality hardware that is highly reliable.”

Industrial computer systems from Cincoze combine unusual flexibility with the reliability, I/O options and ruggedness of integrated Box PCs. Cincoze hardware has been engineered to allow for easy expansion and customization to suit any application.

Cincoze panel PCs take the concept of modularity one step further by combining an IP65-rated, crystal clear display with a rear-mounted PC that can be easily removed. This allows for ultimate flexibility and ease of upgrading without the need to replace the entire panel. This innovative system also allows for the installation of a monitor module for dual display applications.

IPC professional David Westley is managing the North American branch of Cincoze. Formerly with Logic Supply, Westley brings a strong background in market development to the table. He is managing channel and strategic alliances in the US and Canada.

“We expect that the panel product line will be the long awaited solution to a very painful situation,” says Westley. “Many companies across the Americas deal with 12-26 week lead times on panel PCs. It has been tough to watch businesses struggle to manage day-to-day operations without the panels they desperately need.”

Worldwide early adopters of Cincoze include Logic Supply in the US and Benelux, as well as several other geographically defined distributors/integrators in the EU. With full OEM/ODM capability, as well as in-house component development, PCBa, chassis design and manufacturing capabilities, Cincoze, and their new North American branch in the US, are directly developing custom solutions for qualifying projects. Cincoze is also working to develop additional industry-specific partnerships in the US to advance IPC.

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