Green Products Designing Products with the Eco-friendly Concept

Cincoze focuses on designing products that are easy to be reused, recycled, and disassembled, which improve product power efficiency, and adhere to hazardous substance guidelines. We continuously take steps toward carrying out our Green policy. The Green Product concept has been built into our new product development system to ensure protection of the environment. In order to provide eco-friendly products, we consider the following while designing our products:

 Smarter Material Choices: We use safe materials in our products and many of our products are designed with environmentally preferable materials like recycled plastics.
 RoHS Compliant: From our internal practices to our production processes, we continue to promote environmental protection policies and provide RoHS compliant products for our customers.

 Brand Values Driving Growth & Innovation Through Our Brand Core-Values

We strongly believe in leading products and solutions with the aim of controlling, monitoring and optimizing industrial processes and functions. We at Cincoze work non-stop to create solution to our customers’ Industrial Applied Computer demands. This is evident through our core-values:
 An Extreme Commitment to Reliability
 Attention to Detail – Both in Products and Services
 People – We Develop Our Know-how through Our People