Convertible Display System (CDS)

Cincoze Convertible Display Systems are all-in-one devices integrated with high-resolution screens, touch screens and computers. Our convertible display system product line that is consisted of Convertible Panel PC and Touch Monitor. A wide selection of display sizes are available from 8” to 19” with format aspect of 4:3 and 16:9, choices of single or multi-touch screen, and selected computer performance. Cincoze convertible display systems are designed with innovative technology and the highest industrial standard. They have extensive functionality that fulfill the needs for a wide range of applications.

• Highly Integrated System
  The superbly engineered solution is composed of display, touch and computing technologies to provide intuitive operational experiences.

• Industrial Grade LED Backlight Panel
  The panel provides a long display life, better image quality and uses less power.

• Highly Luminous Display
  The display offers high visibility and smooth operation in most environments.

• Touch Panel Integrated
  The touch monitor offers solutions for intuitive operation required by numerous applications

• Intel® Inside
  The platform offers excellent computing and graphics performance with less power consumption.

• Full Functionality
  A generous provision of I/O ports offers extensive functionality and connectivity.

• Ultra-Slim Design
  The slim compact design offers great flexibility for installation in different locations, such as VESA mount, panel mount and wall mount while giving a modern industrial look and feel at the same time.

▶▶ Convertible Panel Series  
▶▶ Convertible Touch Monitor Series

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