Revolutionary Convertible Display System

CDS is a standardized “All-in-one” system that is composed in two major parts, display and system. They are interdependent and can be operated together. The advanced electronic design integrates display, touch and computer signal in an embedded circuit board, which provides the most reliable display computing operation.
Moreover, the unique mechanical design unifies connection, form factor and fixation to ensure seamless hardware integration. This technology together offers possibilities of changing display size of a system, upgrading computing performance and I/O connectivity depending entirely on the requirements of the application.


Configure by Demand
CDS supports the “configure by demand” function that allows users to configure their own panel PC or touch monitor by selecting the desired display (LCD size, resolution, formats) and system (computing performance, I/O connectivity).

Easy MaintenanceCDS is very easy to maintain and does not require a specialist. The plug-in design means only three steps are needed to exchange or maintain a system. This results low cost on-site maintenance and allows operations to continue without interruption.


Upgrade Capability
Thanks to the standardized electronic specification and unified mechanical design of CDS that can be upgraded easily and thus your investment is protected.